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Course #Course Title
 16.120Compressible Flow
 16.13Aerodynamics of Viscous Fluids
 16.225Computational Mechanics of Materials
 16.230JPlates and Shells
 16.31Feedback Control Systems
 16.322Stochastic Estimation and Control
 16.323Principles of Optimal Control
 16.333Aircraft Stability and Control
 16.337JDynamics of Nonlinear Systems
 16.355JSoftware Engineering Concepts
 16.358JSystem Safety
 16.37JData Communication Networks
 16.394JInfinite Random Matrix Theory
 16.399Random Matrix Theory and Its Applications
 16.410Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making
 16.412JCognitive Robotics
 16.413Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making
 16.422Human Supervisory Control of Automated Systems
 16.423JAerospace Biomedical and Life Support Engineering
 16.456JBiomedical Signal and Image Processing
 16.512Rocket Propulsion
 16.522Space Propulsion
 16.540Internal Flows in Turbomachines
16.660Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods
 16.72Air Traffic Control
 16.75JAirline Management
 16.76JLogistical and Transportation Planning Methods
 16.76JLogistical and Transportation Planning Methods
 16.77JAirline Schedule Planning
 16.851Satellite Engineering
 16.852JIntegrating the Lean Enterprise
16.853Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Methods
 16.861Engineering Systems Analysis for Design
 16.862Engineering Risk-Benefit Analysis
 16.863JSystem Safety
 16.881Robust System Design
 16.885JAircraft Systems Engineering
 16.885JAircraft Systems Engineering
 16.886Air Transportation Systems Architecting
 16.888Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization
 16.891JSpace Policy Seminar
 16.892JSpace System Architecture and Design
 16.895JEngineering Apollo: The Moon Project as a Complex System
 16.89JSpace Systems Engineering
 16.910JIntroduction to Numerical Simulation (SMA 5211)
 16.920JNumerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (SMA 5212)
 16.940JComputational Geometry
16.982Bio-Inspired Structures
 16.985JProseminar in Manufacturing

International Courses (English)

Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering
Top-notch professors and researchers show new technologies and new generation aeronautical vehicles.
Astronautics, Aerospace
Professors and researchers come to explore the technologies and new generation launch space vehicles, propulsion.
Chemical Engineering
Research in cutting-edge industries, including
nanotechnology and biotechnology, depend on chemical engineers to decipher molecular information in order to develop new products and processes.
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Graduates of I.C.R.A.S.S.'s electrical engineering and computer science department work in diverse industries and conduct research in a broad range of areas.
Materials Science and Engineering
Students, professors, and researchers explore the relationships between structure and properties in all classes of materials including metals, ceramics, electronic materials, and biomaterials.

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